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Krause is an embarassment and true NBA fans should never forgive him. He deprived us of 2-3 more years of the Bulls(minumum). All the free agents would have come back from the 98 team if Jordan had returned, and he would have done so had Krause promised him he wouldn't rebuild. Mike wasn't ready to retire, but he hated Krause and hated that he was so excited to rebuild when he had a champiohsip team already. Jordan may have played five more years for the Bulls, seeing as he retired in 2003. Pippen would have signed a five-year deal with the Bulls instead of Houston, and they could have made a few changes to the supporting cast, maybe add some youth and dump Rodman. A team like that could have easily defeated the 99 Knicks, 00 Pacers, 01 Sixers, 02 and 03 Nets and returned to the Finals. Those Bulls teams left a lot on the table. Krause ruined it.

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