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Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
Lots of flawed points here. First off he DID want to rebuild (he almost did so in 97 by attempting to trade Pippen to the Celtics on draft day until MJ said he would retire if the deal was made) and showed no respect for what the Bulls already had. Not only did he alienate the players, he alienated the greatest player in the history of the game and cut his career short. .

MJ cut his own career short. Krause was being bullied into paying MJ on a year -to-year basis 20+ million. Now, it was the most worthwhile $20+ ever paid, but Pippen was about ot aks forthe same type of deal. it wasn't Krause's money to spend.

So he was without MJ, soon to be without Pippen or spend $40 mill on 2 players...and then start putting together the other peices. Meanwhile, the team was aging, the retirement threats from Jackson and MJ kept getting louder and louder.

In your theory, keep everyone together, pay whateverthey ask and they'll keep winning title after title. Its a fairy tale. It would not have kept rolling for years...and even IF Krause robbed us of 1 more year of Bulls magic, do we take away the great years of the Bulls that he built.

MJ retires -- any other gM goes drectly into panic mode, signs the biggest name they can for the most money they can. Krause, because the organization was strong, was able to sign Pete myers and the team found its way into the deep 2nd round. You all want to give it all to Pippen, gotta give some to Krause for not tearing the joint down, or tunring over the franchise.

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
Letting a team slip into mediocrity is definately a concern, but the Bulls were coming off a CHAMPIONSHIP(actually three in a row). We had no idea if they had peaked. .

Come on - they had obviously peaked. You werren't getting 3 more titles out of those legs.

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
Krause didn't care about any of that. His only agenda was to tear everything apart and start from scratch. The fact he tried to do it a year earlier in 97 shows he didn't care at all about the present title-winning team. It was also an ego thing, becasue he wanted to show that he could build a winning team himself.

Or maybe, he is a forward thinking GM who knows that at some point you have ot break down and rebuild and you can rebuild easier if you do it before you get locked up into long-term contracts with aging players (Billups)...and its easier to do it full-throttle as opposed ot half-assed (Knicks).

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
I guarantee had Krause drafted MJ instead of Rod Thorn this wouldn't have happened. MJ wasn't one of Krause's guys, he was from the previous regime. Guess it didnt matter he was the greatest player ever and he still wanted to play.

If MJ still wanted to play there were 29 teams ready to sign him.

I'm not saying that Krause made a great decision - I just think he gets unfairly blamed for the teams explosion, and insufficient credit for all the titles.
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