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So lets forget that he:
Drafted Pippen late in the draft from a small school
Drafted Ho Grant late in the draft from a small school
Traded Oakley for Bill Cartwright (over MJ's objection) to buil the first title team
He also found B.J. Armstron
He also gave P.Jax his first head coaching job (1st head coaching job)

Lets forget that he:
found Kukoc before 90% of GM's even thought to look in Europe
took a chance on Rodman when everyone else had give nup
found Luc Longley from the University of New Mexico.
Brought in Ron Harper - without giving anything up
Brought in Jud Buchler (who nobody heard of); Steve Kerr; Bill Wennington

Lets forget about the ability to recognize both superstar talent (Pippen) and role player talent -- fit all theright peices around.

Lets forget about all that - and the 6 titles (remember, he was there since 1985 - so everyone who was there for the 6 titles - save MJ - were his findings)

Lets also forget that someohow, he kept a tema together for 6 titles without getting killed in cap space. Sure he short-changed some players salaries -- but he won 6 freaking titles without violating the much tougher cap rules from 15 years ago.

Lets forget all of that -- and call him sh!t -- why?

...Right because the players didn't like him. The players liked to throw their weight around in an attempt to get him fired....which eventually worked.

NO GM currently in the game can hold a candle to the finds, the cleverness, the drafting or the FA signings of Jerry Krause.


"Bu-bu-but MJ didn't like him."

MJ thought he could do Krause's job better than him. As we've seen - he cannot. MJ to Krause as a GM is the same as Krause to MJ as a basketball player.

"Bu bu but Pippen didn;t like him."

Pippen was pissed at the wrong guy, Pippen should've been pissed at his agent for getting him a sh!t deal. All Krause did was abide by it.

"Bu bu but Everyone retired because of him" --

that's BS. Everyone left because MJ retired. MJ retired because he was done - not done as in no game done as in had enough of it--. He never liked Krause, why in 98 was it finally enough? He liked hin enough to sign $20 mill deal every year.

If MJ wanted to play, he could've called any team in the league and named his price. Krause/PJax/Pippen all seeing their meal ticket was gone all moved on. Krause did the only responsible thing -- blow it up and start to rebuild.

But because MJ - everyone's hero - had done such a good job bad mouthing the GM who built champions, no one wanted to go.

I'll take Krause as my GM any day every day.
Praise Krause.

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