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Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
He did make a couple nice moves by bringing in Pippen and Kukoc.

A couple of nice moves? Dude built 6 title teams and he only made "a couple of nice moves". I love that. An Iverson fan should appreciate how hard it is to build a good team and keep it together...he made a "couple of nice moves". Nice.

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
In addition to what we were arguing about before, please take a close look at the moves he made post-MJ. Almost all were utter failures. From 98-03 the Bulls were the worst team in the NBA. As soon as he left and Paxon took over they finally began to regain some respect. Coincidence?

...but lets forget about those "couple of nice moves" and the 6 titles he won in 13 years as the GM and only worry about his last 4 years.

ok - lets do that.

Drafted Elton Brand, Ron Artest, Ty Chandler, Eddy Curry, Jamal Crawford - so in 4 years, he drafted 5 NBA starters...and Artest and Crawford were late picks.

He also brought in Brad Miller exactly one year before Miller "exploded".

He brought in Mercer, who was the only one who would take Chicago's money.

It seems clear in 2001 - at the very end - the losing was becoming too much and he had to make a very un-Krause-like move, trading Miller and Artest for J.Rose.

You want to get all worked up about the Brand trade, it was clearly a mistake -- but how many playoff appearances has Brand made -- 1-- maybe Krause knew something about Brand's limitations.

...and one other thing -- rebuilding is hard as hell. No one can rebuild a 6 time champ in 4 years. It takes much longer.
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