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Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
Um, why are you listing moves like bringing in Mercer as positives? Mercer was a complete waste of money, just like Eddie Robinson. He spend 70 million on those 2 combined. He actually did well to draft Artest and sign Miller, but then he goes and trades them both for Jalen Rose and his max contract.

I didn;t list Mercer as a positive. Just listed as one of his big post-MJ moves and explained that Mercer was the only one who would take the money.

I think at the end he was forced into making some win-now moves (Rose) as the rebuilding was not working and teams lose patience.

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
Curry, Chandler, and Crawford didn't contribute anything to the Bulls.

Curry and Chandler led the Bulls ot their first playoff appearance in 6 years - which is exactly the same number of playoff appearances as Brand...then Chand was there for a 2nd one. One more than Brand.

...and again, rebuilding after a period of great success is extremely hard. Give the dude a break. How many guys draft 5 NBA starters in 4 years?
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