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Default Re: Lay ups and euro step

Originally Posted by RidonKs
yeah... if you know ur strengths and can convince the defender you want to go to your weakside every time, then you can do that. i just like the unpredictability of going either side. wait to see which way the defender leans, then explode the opposite way.... by the time he begins to recover, you've already double crossed and he's flying in the wrong direction.

i rarely euro in the halfcourt, which means when i do it im flying on the break so i'm almost always jumping off one foot. honestly im having some trouble imagining slowing myself down enough to go off two feet.

most it comes down to balance imo.. finding the space between yourself and the defender and then forcing ur body into that space by tricky footwork. that's why i think its important going off either foot. if u r constantly going the same way, defense may learn or just guess right.

there are variations too that are fun... like u plant your first foot hard to slow momentum, plant ur second foot soft, then spin back for a baby hook or turnaround. or just slow down so much that the defender sails past into the baseline... u see harden do this where by the time he's shooting the ball, he's vertically upright without any forward momentum

good call on the props tho that sounds about ideal. especially getting started. there is too much to think about re:footwork for a beginner to go against a live defender right away
Ah, my mistake. I thought you were referring to finishing in general when you were actually just referring to the Euro-step by itself. No wonder I was confused, ha.

Even then, I'm still a single-footed Euro-stepper. It's always right-foot first, then plant-and-takeoff with the left. I've tried it the other way around and it's just a mess.

I haven't really had a need to develop a left-right combo because a Euro tends to be a Euro i.e. the success of the fake is in the move itself, not so much in whether the direction of the fake begins to the left or right. If I have my defender squared up correctly, he'll have to respond to my first step regardless of which direction it goes.

The reason a Euro remains successful, even if it's always right-foot first, is because the alternate to the Euro is a straight gather and takeoff. If the defender begins anticipating that Euro, their body language and positioning often frees up a clean take in response.

From what I've seen over the years, most players seem to have a go-to foot preference when it comes to Euro's, with rare exceptions for awkward/accidental situations. Dwyane Wade is a good example:
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