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Default Re: Kevin Durant Overated

Originally Posted by RainierBeachPoet
only time will tell if kd is the real deal

there are so many factors that contribute to a players development in the nba
-- injuries, playing time, confidence, off the court antics are just a few

In my opinion I doubt playing time will be much of a factor with no Ray and Rashard to eat up minutes. Durant is now the go-to guy and his minutes will reflect that.

Injuries, well thats something no one can predict but heres hoping he stays healthy.

Confidence, this will be a factor i think. He will gain confidence slowly the more he plays. Playing with the USA Team would have really helped this.

I doubt off-court or even on-court antics are going to be something Durant will ever have trouble with his entire career. He just doesnt seem like the type of guy who will get himself in any trouble. Seems like a smart kid, definately not an Artest..

Some other factors that will affect his performance in his rookie year: Learning coach's system, learning the NBA, finding his role on the team (is he a 2? a 3? will he develop into a 4? all of the above?)

Most of all he just needs to get out there and do what he does best every night and give his best effort and **** what cdub1591 or anyone else says about him. Give the kid a chance and sit back and watch him prove you wrong cdub1591. Its only preseason and everyones writing him off already.
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