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Originally Posted by John Starks
I cannot beleive only one person wanted to take up the anti-Krause fight.

Board is losing its fastball.
Couple of things wrong John Starks:

-He didn't draft Pippen late. Pippen was drafted 5th by the Sonics on draft day. The Bulls traded 8th Pick Olden Polynice and future draft considerations for Pippen on draft day.

-And MJ retired because Krause would not resign Phil Jackson and keep the Bulls together. But had there been no lockout that year, Jordan might've come back.

Could look in to more of your arguments and prove them wrong. But maybe for another time.

Edit: Also remember, most of Jordan's "great" supporting cast did not succeed elsewhere in the post-Jordan era. Even Pippen. Who's to say Jordan didn't make them look better?

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