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Default Re: introduce yourself Cavs fans

Alias: inlebronwetrust

Gender: I dont pack a vag

Age: 17

Hometown: Central PA

Current Residence: As shown above

Occupation: High school student/gynacologist

Hobbies (other than basketball): Soccer, lifting, sleeping, guitar, worshipping RATM and the red hot chili peppers.. And owning in my fantasy football leagues of course

My Teams: NBA- Cavs and cavs only.. but if i absolutely had to pick a west team id roll with golden state

NFL- Pittsburgh, MLB- Pirates(yeah they blow, i'm aware) and NCAA football- PSU baby

Movies:Old school, Forrest Gump, Anchorman, Happy Gilmore, Shawshank redemption, S.W.A.T., Blade series, Borat, Big daddy,

TV Shows: King of queens, sportscenter, family guy, anything stand up.. And anything not on MTV

Favorite movie quotes: B-low's is a classic.. but im not sure about this one.. ill have to edit this in a bit

Music: Rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, jack johnson, Nas, the older nelly, Jagged Edge, DFB, lil wayne etc etc.

Books: Harry Twotter

Food: Anything without tomatoes or sauerkraut

What you bring to ISH: I fight off trolls to the best of my abilities. and I speak the truth

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