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Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
The discussion has to have a direction to continue. .I'm not seeing one here.

It only has direction if and opposing point of view is argued. Anti-Krausers come in - diregard what is good accentuate the bad and leave it at that.

That's not direction, its selective memory via MJ worship.

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
I have established that you are a pretty good poster with solid knowledge who is simply overvaluing Krause's moves (and there were some good ones)

Overvaluing the moves the led to 6 titles. How does one over-value those moves? If Krause's moves do not merit over-valuing, whose moves do? What GM is making thesegreat moves >> Krause's moves?

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
seems in denial of the fact that forcing the game's greatest player into early retirement is reprehensible and shall not be forgiven.

Why can't we get past MJ's spin? Were the bUlls the only team he could play for? So even if Krause simply refused ot resign him to glorify his own ego (after 3 years of $20+ million contracts per) -- why would MJ ever be forced into retirement?

It makes no sense. If MJ wanted to keep playing, he would have kept playing. He didn't need Krause's permission to do so.

What makes more sense is 1) MJ was done. He didn' want ot play anymore. He had done everything -- but since he loathed Krasue, he gave him a pR parting shot on the way out; or 2) Each of pip, MJ, and P.Jax demanded a deal from Krause so unreasonable that either he agrees and they laugh to multiple different banks, or they walk and its his fault.

Originally Posted by IversonMelo2K7
Also letting your own ego override the team you work for and its fans is inappropriate and pathetic for a GM.

What does it have to do with his ego? He paid. He paid MJ a new cotnract every year to keep playing. If his ego ran the show he would've told mJ to take a wall after the first (selfish - and while under contract) retirement. If his ego ran the show he would've brought in a different big name free agent every year, instead of less glamorous set pieces...What a bigger headline 'Krause Gets Kerr" or "Krause Gets Richmond"

I think he showed remarkable restriant. After pippen-Grant it was all small moves until Rodman. All small working moves.

How about the restraint he showed in signing Pete Myers to replace MJ. Could've gone out and spent a fortune on the wrong guy to replace the irreplaceable. Instead he understood the team and what the team needed and got the right guy. Amazing.

And if he had an ego it was well-deserved - He used and abused every GM in the league to win 6 titles.

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