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Default Re: Crazy trade.. Would you do it?

Originally Posted by A.M.G.
How is getting Boris Diaw a bad deal?? That is exactly the kind of player you need. The problem is, no one would want all those Memphis players. Pheonix would never part with Diaw for a bunch of crap.

Wow first off.Rudy gay will be easily better then diaw in his prime after one more year.Diaw is good.But he has hit his potential.Rudy hasnt even scratched what he can do.That man is gonna be a star hands down in one more season.He is gonna fill the stat sheets.Not just points like diaw.But with assists,blocks,and steals.Kinda like ak-47.Except better.Thats a bold statement I know.But you give it time.And you will look back and wonder why you called him a crappy player.
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