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Part I - jordon era

He did a great job, say what you want but nobody else ever won building around a shooting guard. He drafted great, found the right role players, traded for his team's need. jordon was a great player, but could kill the confidence of new players, wanted to play GM and costantly bashed him and his decisions to the media. Cartwright, who was traded for jordon's buddy Oakley, admitted he once nearly punched him in the locker room and felt he could never make it if he wasn't a 30 yo veteran at the time. Krause did a poor job at managing jordon's ego, but that was not an easy task at all, as we're seeing even now.
Being booed at a championship parade is unprecedented, and Krause has all the media against him as that famous "Organisations win championships" shows: the right quote was "Players ALONE don't win championships, organisations do", and it was meant to thank all his people from coaches to ballboys. It wasn't even original (I think I heard Jerry West stating something similar), but somehow it turned out as him saying he was more important than jordon.
Then, in '96 and '97 he didn't want to rebuild from scratch, he trying to avoid what happened to the Celtics acquiring young talent for the veterans, instead of loosing them for nothing. Contend, but with a younger team.
He couldn't, so he really had to start from scratch in '99.
Also, please don't tell me he broke the dinasty: only two people could do it, Jerry Reinsdorf and micheal jordon. You're out of touch if you think he has half the power needed to show jordon the door.

Part II - rebuilding years

He was unlucky, he made mistakes, but imo he made some right moves that just didn't work out.
He was dominated by the idea of building a championship team for the future, avoiding the possibility of being stuck with a not so good team without picks and flexibility. All his moves went into that direction.
We know he got cought by the '99 CBA, the max contracts, restricted FA so his first strategy went to the toilet while losing nearly two years in the process.
He had some decent talent in guys like Brand, Artest and Miller (and the last two weren't top picks), but he gave them away because he thought he couldn't build a real winner around them and so he did bet on Curry and Chandler. These two disappointed, and that's why he was fired, but you think the Bulls would have ever achieved anything with Brand, Artest and Miller as their three best players? Playoffs, but the goal was to contend.
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