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Originally Posted by Jimmy2k8

Did Kevin Garnett say that he didn't want to play for the Bulls after the bad treatment of MJ and Scottie Pippen? Just curious..because he was a bulls fan.
Yea, I remember it was either him or Tim Duncan who said they turned down the Bulls money because of Krause. But everyone turned them down that year. Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett. Tim Thomas was gonna go there, but then Milwaukee convinced him to sign. So they wasted all there money on Ron Mercer, Eddie Robinson and Jalen Rose.

The whole MJ vs Krause thing is driven by there egos. Krause thinks he is responsible for the Bulls titles, he was the one that put the team together, he's the engineer behind the entire machine, the players are mearly the cogs that turn the engine. While MJ thinks that he, the players and coaching staff are responsible.

The dismantling of the 98 Bulls team was simple. He said he wouldn't resign Jackson knowing that Jordan wouldn't play for anyone else. So he gets off the hook because he can say "Oh, Jackson didn't want to come back so I couldn't convince Jordan to stay." The entire thing was an exercise in Krauses ego. Because he wanted to prove that HE had built a championship dynasty and he could do it again, that Micheal Jordan was not responsible for everything they had accomplished.
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