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Default Re: Streetball courts of the world

Originally Posted by sundizz
Why not just create an Instagram account for this and have people #courtsoftheworld?? Making personal website/blogs's era is over unless you are already established or part of a company/corporation/advertising agency (this assume's you want people to see this). If you are doing it to learn html/java etc then power to you. Otherwise, if you are young and looking to learn skills it'd be better to up your social media skills with instagram, etc.

Thanks for your feedback. Actually it all started on Instagram about 2 years ago. On my personal account. I now also have a new IG account for the website. You'll find the IG page if you look for hoops_of_the_world and the hashtag of course is #hoopsoftheworld
The reason why I started the blog was that I wanted to write a bit more about the courts and sneakers and also make full use of the high resolution pictures. I got a decent camera now and I want to work on my skills a bit. I also added the hoopsoftheworld stamp of approval feature which wouldn't be possible on IG. It's also kinda hard to compete with other instagram accounts that use all kinds of hoop pictures they find on the internet whereas I'm only using pictures I've taken myself.

Of course you're all very welcome to follow me on Instagram.

I don't expect the website to be very successful or anything, I'm doing this because I enjoy doing it. It's just a hobby and way to be creative.

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