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Well Dunleavy was being called a pretty good athlete at the time. On, they geve him a 9 for athleticism and an 8 for quickness. Morrison was more of the "gamer" type. It is all about how you are viewed. Budinger has a whole year to prove himself different, but I think how fans and the media view him will decide how he is viewed. Of course GM's and scouts look past that stuff, but it does effect things. I am not saying anything about his skills, just that I think fans will think about Redick and Morrison when looking at him. He is much more like maybe Mickael Pietrus.

10. Milwaukee-Donte Greene-SF/PF-Syracuse-Milwaukee is on the cusp of the playoffs, but without a player that can put them over the top available, they take the young guy and hope he can start next to their other Big East combo-forward, Charlie Villanueva.

Other possible picks:Roy Hibbert has some value at this point, but they still donít give up on Andrew Bogut
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