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Default Re: 2015/2016 Observation Deck

Loss to UNI.

This is why I couldn't buy the UNC hype. We were going to lose games without Paige. Our team is over-reliant on him; he's our best offensive player, our best defensive player, our only consistent perimeter threat, he's the leader, he's the one who gets the ball every single time the team needs a basket... Like I said over-reliant. So dropping a game here early in the season to what's probably an inferior opponent was expected.

But this is basically the same team from last season and there were two major problems. 1) Can't stop dribble penetration and there's no Wright, Davis, or Henson shot blocking behind the perimeter guys. 2) They choke leads. No killer instinct and questionable mental toughness.

Saw both today and no version of Marcus Paige can fix that.

A Final Four is still in reach and once you get there then anything can happen. This team isn't that good, though. And the ceiling of the team is lower than I think some fans want to admit. Not with the way our post guys defend (outside of Meeks).

Also, I have concerns on our offensive philosophy. This feed the post, inside-out is great when you have May, Hansbrough, and Zeller. Not so much when you don't have that talent and it's just clogging our lanes. I don't want to see this program turn into a stretch 4/periemter jacking team. Yet, there has to be some sort of adaption to way basketball has evolved. I know Roy sees it, too, when you look at the recruits he's targeted. He just hasn't been able to land any of those guys.

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