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Default XBOX 360 NBA 2k8 League

Lets get this going.


1. 200 Posts
2. After the game post the results in this thread.
3. Do Not turn off your xbox or unplug the Ethernet.

I think the only fair way to do this is a draft if we don't the people with the celts suns spurs and rockets will kill the rest of us.

So come in and say what team you would like.

I'll take the sixers.

ISH NAMES --------------XBL GT
Cannonball---------------Cannonball3 ----Sixers
hotsizzle------------------hotsizzle869 ----
Raindrops-----------------foye for mvp----Timberwolves
baseketball4life------------lakersk0be24 ----Celtics
RomoSexual---------------BOONDOCK S4INT1 ----Mavs

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