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Default Re: 2015/2016 Observation Deck

Nearly beat LMU, blown out by UCLA, as expected. Can't wait until we can get more bodies in uniform, tired of the seven man rotation. Aaron Parks is going to be a nice boost.

Our freshman trio is going to be nice in a couple of years though, JRich @ 14/3/5 with 2 steals, Warren 14/4 & Dawson at 12/7. Field goal percentages suck, but will get there.

For the Bruins though, that Wake lost was tough, but not fully unexpected. Alford needs to be more consistent from three, and Holiday shooting 45.5% behind the arc is insane. Also love Parker & Walsh.

Steve Alford needs to play Prince & Bolden more and hopeflly Gyorgy gets back soon.
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