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I don't see Yi staying there for that long. I think he will want to go to a team like the Lakers in a few years.

I think a Foye/Mayo would be a fun backcourt to watch, but they aren't going to win with them. Rose would be a better fit I think.

I like Rose for Seattle as well. Durant and Rose would be a top 10 duo I think.

Jordan to the Suns would be a nice fit as well. But aren't they talking of Marion trades because of his contract? Even though a rookie comes cheap, I don't know if they want to put any money into a guy who will just warm the bench for them. They would be much better off using that same money to sign a vet who you know will be able to play if needed.

I would also love to see Chris Paul and Eric Gordon together. However, like the T-Wolves pick, that is a pretty small backcourt

11. Memphis-Roy Hibbert-C-Georgetown-This team is so close to the playoffs with Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay, and rookie Mike Conley leading the way. Hibbert is able to join a nice supporting cast of Darko Milicic, Mike Miller, Kyle Lowry, Hakim Warick, and Stromile Swift. While Hibbert may not start, or even get a lot of minutes on this team, he is actually a true center, and will be able to play right from Day 1.

Other possible picks: Eric Gordon is enticing and by far the most talented player left, but doesn’t give them what they need right away
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