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[quote=Jazz Rockets all the way]im a rockets fan and i say we got a good deal, battier is the 3rd scoring option and a very good defensive player, he is also solid as a rock and consistent plus he can guard the best offensive player on the opposition( kobe, lebron etc.) leaving more energy for t-mac on offense,@to go and score 50 points' which battier said.
if rockets dont have any injuries they are 4th in the west
go rockets!![/QUOTE

i guess your forgeting that you had to give up rudy gay, and stro for battier. Shanes an excellent player but he has no upside really and rudy gays middle name is upside.

Memphis will contend in west, And KG is going to come out with a huge chip on his shoulder, Mike James could really fit in well with that Twolve system and they'll be in the playoffs or Garnett will be gone.

Rockets will make the playoffs as long as Tmac and Yao can manage there injuries well
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