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Default Grand Finals tomorrow - Stopping 3pt Teams

Normally i'd update my Basketball Diary thread, but i also wanted to ask the specific question in the thread title.

We have gone undefeated this season in C grade, and we have our Grand Final against the 2nd place team who lost 3 games over the season, 2 to us and 1 to another team. We beat them in the first round of finals by 2 points, putting us straight into the finals, them having a game against the winner of the 3vs4 game.

Now they live & die by the 3pt shot, where we can do pretty much everything, we are also a great defensive team. The first game we played them, their 3pt shooting was off and we won by 40-50, the second game though, they were on point, we also started slow, not getting out to shooters and we were down big early. We fought back and clinched the win by 2.
We run a 2-3 zone all season and haven't ever tried something different seeing as we hadn't lost yet, a lot of the time, if we get down, its due to our offense not clicking, not our defense.

So my question is, how should we approach this team? They have a taller guy who is their main ball handler, itchy trigger finger & takes a lot of 3's. Everyone else more shoots off a drive and quick situation.
Do we continue the 2-3 zone, should we switch to a 3-2 zone or maybe even man?

The way i'm seeing it is, keep with our tried and tested 2-3 zone. The wings down low will need to be super proactive in getting to those corner shooters, and us guards up top will need to fight over screens and run them off the 3pt line. I think if we can do that from the start and not let them get going, we should be ok.

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