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Default Re: Grand Finals tomorrow - Stopping 3pt Teams

Really tough to say too much without knowing your team and your opponents very well. If you run an active 2-3 zone with willing and capable plans of running folks off the 3-point line at the top of the key then yeah, there could be a lot of benefit to sticking with what you guys know.

On the other hand, if it turns out you're struggling to contest and they're hitting, your 3-2 and Man options are natural alternatives.

Having defeated this squad by 40-50, unless they were missing their ringer, it seems you guys have what it takes to succeed with your own gameplan.

One of the biggest detriments I've seen with 2-3 defenses is a tendency for laziness, particularly if it's a recreational game. That's when people get shot out. If that's not an issue with you guys, I venture to say you're going to be alright.

Any chance your last game against this guys caught you off guard considering your first go-around? It sounds as though you guys may be capable of re-asserting your dominance.
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