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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: Took a major hit today.

Sorry to hear about your leg injury. I feel your pain. Injuries really suck.

I got in a run last Thursday and an unathletic nerdy scrub was guarding me and he was pushing me and bumping me during the whole run but I never called any fouls.

Then I got the ball in the post and all of a sudden, he got so close to me and bodying me up and crashed into the upper calf/knee of my left leg. I passed the ball back to the perimeter and thought it was just a charley horse but I ran back on defense and I was hobbling.

I left a few minutes later after the run was over and when I drove back home and got out my car, I could hardly walk. I couldn't walk or put weight on my leg for 2 and a half days!!!! I was hopping and crawling and going up the stairs was an adventure and dangerous and I was really angry and upset and it ruined my whole weekend.

He probably kneed me in the knee from behind and messed up my muscle. I have no visible bruises at all and I am sure that is a bad thing.

I'm still limping now but at least I can walk now and put pressure on it.

I'm not playing pick up anymore with skinny weak scrubs again because they are not skilled and very dangerous.
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