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Default Re: Took a major hit today.

Originally Posted by DoctorP
Log: 3 hour workout today. I still have some scar tissue from the high sprain. Landing on the foot can be uncomfortable. I'm trying to get back in peak shape, I feel flabby. Jumpshot is feeling pretty good and Ive expanded my range beyond the three-point line somehow. I just needed a stronger follow-through.

Won consecutive games where I was alpha but then a kid with something to prove tried to take over and sabotaged us. I was tired anyways so I took the L and went home afterwards.


I pulled a groin last year and it took a good 4-5 months to fully heal. It seemed like I went from a slasher to a 3 point shooter. My 3 point percentage went way up.

As for the ankle injury, we've really messed that up over the years. There are countless studies saying high tops, braces, wraps, ice, and anti-inflammatory are not doing anything good for our ankles.
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