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Default Re: Match the song title with the player

Made a few by just looking through my Zune playlist.

Phil Jackson - Everything Zen by Bush
Michael Jordan - He Got Game by Public Enemy
Boston Celtics - Triple Trouble by Beastie Boys (but DJ Khaled fits better)
Tony Parker - Baby's Got Sauce by G-Love and the Special Sauce
Stephen Jackson - F*** the Police by NWA
Stephon Marbury - Smoke Two Joints by Sublime
J.J. Redick - You Drink You Drive You Spill by NoFX
Seattle Supersonics - Leaving Jesusland by NoFX
Marc Blount - Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine
Wilt Chamberlain - Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye
Chris Anderson - Because I Got High by Afroman
Manu Ginobili - Grizz by Nelly
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