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Default The further adventures...

I will log my streetball adventures here for my own amusement.

Doctor P
Strengths: Shooting, Agility, Defense, Passing
Weaknesses: Stamina, Strength, Jumping Ability
Age: 37

Saturday 12.19.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

Diet is so important. I've been eating mostly veggies and grains with little protein, so naturally, when I only had broccoli with some coffee this morning before going to play I didn't have much strength to play at my best level. This scenario is something I am used to so I played through the low energy, trying not to excerpt too much of myself, which kept me a step slow against really lame competition. The day was clear, but windy. Slightly cool, low-70's. The wind would carry the ball a bit at times. In the first game, the guys were older, craftier dudes with a lot of weight on them. And they were taking me down to the post so I really had little chance. My teammates were at the same level as our comp. I am the lone shark and I usually will be asked to join or I will jump in with the group. This is the usual M.O. I scored a few points but I was not in any position to be an alpha dog. Lost that game. I played 2 more games against some scrub early 20's-somethings and then against some better-skilled college guys. Lost all of them. After the games, I cooled down and put up shots for about an hour and it was over.

Lesson? I guess if there was a lesson from today's workout it's this: Sometimes not getting injured is the best victory of all. I walked away from it all pain free and I appreciated that. Some of these guys are heavy and are pushing their weight around recklessly.

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