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It is getting to the boring part, but I will finish anyway. At least there was some good talk about the top players. I think the lack of interest in these players shows how shallow this draft is. Last year we would be talking about Corey Brewer, Al Thorton, Yi Jianlian, and other guys that people were interested in. Speaking of a guy you won't be all that interested in...

13. New Orleans-Brook Lopez-C-Stanford-This team seems to be better than the sum of its parts, but still canít break into the playoffs in the tough Western Conference. While Lopez wonít put them over the top, he will give them scoring inside to offset the defensive minded guys they have now.

Other possible picks: Hasheem Thabeet would add more defense for them, but wonít help them for a year or two
Andrew Ogilvy has a lot of potential, but they need something more right now
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