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Somebody told me about Adams the beginning of the season. You're right about him looking the part. He plays like he's been lit on fire. My concern is that he's only this year got his 3% over 1/3, and maybe he's just on a hot streak. It's hard to make it these days without that. And in spite of his athleticism, it doesn't translate to much numerically on defense (as far as steals or blocks go), which might not mean anything if you really watched the tape, but it's a rough spot to start, especially because there's plenty of sample size. If the shooting isn't really good, you kind of have to be a nightmare defensively, unless you're truly a big time playmaker, but even he probably wouldn't suggest he should have the ball in his hands full time at the NBA level.

I agree about Karnowski. The league keeps getting small to the point where someone that big can be a real asset in limited time. And he'll be a better defender than it appears just by eating space.

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