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Default Re: The further adventures...

Wednesday 12.23.15 3.5 hour low impact workout.

Not a very eventful day today. I just wanted to shoot around. I got to the court round 1100AM and it was very windy. This, combined with an overinflated ball and a weak wrist-whip release by muah had me missing everything. I felt real sluggish for a couple of hours. The cigarettes (Marlboro Lights) I had smoked during the week may have slowed me a bit, I'm not sure. Some kids were playing on the court but I didn't feel compelled to join in. After a couple of hours I gained my second wind and started hitting more shots. I'm still not happy with my discipline. I've been putting up J's and free-throws but I have not been doing any of my usual lay-up drills or pushups. Those drills really helped me add muscle and improve my targeting but they are boring and I couldn't hype myself up to do them. I need to get back to those drills. Still, I had fun, got sun and got a full body workout. That's a W.

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