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Default Re: NBA Players You Hate, and Why

see previous threads where hate v. fan hate is discussed cause i don't wish any special ill on any of these guys.

mark blount - for coming alive for one half of his contract season with the celts and then going back to sleep forever.

michael olowakandi - for taking god given size and grace and squandering it. i honestly believe that i could have been a bigger help to an nba team if i had his body and the last coaching i had was in high school. this goes for darius miles, kwame brown, and jerome james too.

pretty much all the pistons and lakers for being pistons and lakers (i can't find it in me to dislike turiaf or maxiel though - i'm a fan of effort guys).

not an horry fan either. not sure why. might still associate him with the lakers. also he's one of those sneaky dudes who disappears all game and then kills you at the end. not good enough to be a reliable star but too good to ignore. those guys are pains in the ass.
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