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Default Re: The further adventures...

Saturday 12.26.15 3.5 hour mid impact workout.

The court was packed when I got there but it started raining so I waited for a little bit and the rain went away. I found a water-sweeper and cleared the water out and it evaporated in about 8 minutes. The courts were now empty and all mine.

I worked out for about an hour and my shot was falling real nice-like. I didn't think anyone was coming so I pulled off some sprint/layup drills where I basically run up and down the court full sprint and lay it up.

This was exhausting and of course some young players got there as I was finishing my drills and asked me to play. It was a fun game, I don't even remember if I had won or not but I drove in for a sweet layup and hit a few shots. Not bad for being exhausted.

Then, some other young men came and asked me to play full-court. I was down but when we started playing I noticed these guys didn't know how to play and were starting to pick fights so I "gracefully bowed out". That shit ain't my thing anymore. I started stretching and tried to hit some frees while tired and this other group asked me to join in.

These guys were young but knew how to play. They knew how to pass and play 'D'. I was not able to show them much, though. I was exhausted. My shot was dead. I think I had one good block on em but the star of the game was a tall lanky asian/american dude. This guy was cutting well and shooting the ball at a high clip. I tried to feed him the rock every time I could and he was converting. I had 5-6 assists finding this kid.

Unfortunately, I was at my wits end. I was so exhausted I started forgetting if I was on defense or offense and I was playing bad defense. Not a good showing by me but, hey, I was tired. By the end of the match the score was close and the asian dude had the ball. He was covered by the baseline and I told him to kick it out but he wisely ignored me, took the game winner and made it. Money.

The lesson for me today was this: I need to play better and more focused when I'm tired. This means relearning and remembering to keep my head in the game and not wavering to exhaustion when depleted. When I started focusing I was able to find my way outside of the paint, provide spacing and find some open dudes for assists.

Good times.

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