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Default Re: The further adventures...

Wednesday 12.30.15 1.5 hour low impact workout.

So, I ended up taking it easy today. The court was packed and I shot around for awhile. I met this beautiful girl who was there with her boyfriend. Her facial structure was model-quality... I don't think she was wearing much makeup. She had long legs, too. Sexy as hell. She was shooting around in golden slippers. Anyways, she wasn't sure if the guy was her boyfriend or not. He hadn't made it clear to her. She was probably 19 or 20 years old. She used to play power-forward and had a good stroke (ahem). We shot around and I had told her that I had done something similar with my ex-fiancee and that communication is probably the most important thing in a relationship. Anyways, we just talked and shot the ball around and I didn't really feel comfortable asking her for her number. She's probably too young for me and her guy was eyeing me the whole time like some kind of wild bird. Besides, my heart belongs to another gal I've been talking to...

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