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Default Re: Rockets @ Sonics

Originally Posted by ElPigto
I don't see how Brooks is going to crack the rotation. Rafer is playing very well, and Mike James is probably going to be the back up. Steve Francis is going to back up T-mac. I really don't see any room for Aaron Brooks.

Snyder on the other hand is just forcing up shots and hardly ever passes. He is probably going to be one of the five cuts that will be made. He has potential, but with the current depth the Rockets have, I just don't see where he fits.

Brooks is the future, I think he knows that and I don't think he expects to crack the rotation this year either. I don't think he had a bad game or anything, but while he has MAJOR upside, he just has alot to learn and he's buried by veteran talent.

I also agree on Snyder, he's gone. He has been pissing me off the entire preseason. He's a great athlete, but I don't think the bball IQ is there. In this offense even players like Steve, Mike James, and Bonzi Wells have been driving, drawing attention, and setting up open teamates. Everybody on the entire team has been passing the ball, but when Kirk Snyder comes in, he's all about "getting his". I like Mike Harris, he seems like a better all around player, a smarter player, and a player with alot more upside.
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