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Default Re: Rockets @ Sonics

Originally Posted by ElPigto
I been able to watch two games, and from what I've observed, Francis does not look to fit the system. He doesn't seem natural out there; I honestly believe that he is thinking about every move he makes, and the mentality of whether he should pass or shoot affects his game. He has always had the opportunity to dominate the ball, but this year is very different.

I would like to give him some more time to get use to the system. I'm not sure I would give up on him just yet. Aaron Brooks looks decent, but he is going to get abused by bigger guards. His speed is nice, but he still has a lot of work to do to become a legit NBA guard. As of now, we have Rafer and Mike running the point, so I think it would be better if we give Francis the minutes behind T-mac and Bonzi.

It's going to be difficult to implement Steve into the rotation. I hope it works out though because I'm a huge Steve Francis fan.

Yeah, but those minutes behind Tmac/bonzi are luther head's minutes. I honestly don't think Francis fits either. He just doesn't look like a 'system' guy out there. Head's looked good in the offense. Francis hasn't. I think Francis is the guy who makes the 12 man rotation but is the 'odd guy out.' I think Brooks goes to the Dleague with Landry and Novak.
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