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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
I cant wait till he is getting toasted nightly during his 'guaranteed 25 minutes a game' (you Buck fans should feel sick to yoru stomach).
I'll admit it's possible that there's some guarantee, but it's highly unlikely. Kohl dodged the question, Harris says there isn't one, and Krystkowiak says there's no way he would ever accept a minutes guarantee to one of his players. So even if Kohl did make some promise, it didn't get conveyed to the coach.

In the end it doesn't matter though. 48 minutes have to be assigned to some PF, and Yi has looked better than Villanueva so far. 25 minutes is about average for a #6 pick, and if he's playing like the best PF on the roster, that's about what he'll get.

Either way, I trust coach K to bench players who don't belong in the game. I don't trust him to be a great coach yet because he hasn't proven anything, but I believe him when he says he'll be like Skiles and bench people who aren't earning it.
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