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Default Re: Rockets @ Sonics

Originally Posted by Rockets(T-mac)
That sounds like a good idea, the D-league will be good for them. Yeah I think we should give Francis some more time to see if he can fit in. But as of right now he is the third string point guard.

*sigh*, It's really sad watching Steve Francis fall from the rotation. Here is a recent article from that was just written last night:

But Rockets coach Rick Adelman thinks about it a lot. And he doesn't have to wonder how to divide many players into few minutes. He can't.

"It's just impossible," Adelman said before using the Rockets' 117-94 rout of the SuperSonics on Saturday to look at his choices. "At those three perimeter spots, it's hard to play three guys (off the bench) and get them the minutes. If you play Tracy (McGrady) extended minutes and Shane (Battier), then where do the minutes come from? We may play small, some. But you can't get four guys minutes back there, so someone is not going to play.

"That's something I'm going to have to make a decision on and talk to them. Right now, it's not written in stone, but at the start of the season, that's how it's going to be."

"Steve is one of the guys we're talking about," Adelman said of the competition for playing time. "As far as where he is as far as fitting into the offense, he has probably struggled more than some of the other guys in that area."
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