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Default The perfect Kobe trade

I know people including myself have made many of these but here is one that makes a lot of sense.

Lakers Trade: Kobe Bryant, Javaris Crittenon, Jordan Farmar

Bulls Trade: Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Thabo Sefolosha, Joakim Noah, Adrian Griffin, Viktor Khryapa

Why The Lakers do it: They get a solid replacement for Kobe in Gordon who is an all star and a great scorer. He can take over late in games and could explode for 40 on any given night. They also get Kirk Hinrich who is a very good young point guard and he can be a solid player to help build the team around. They also get some scrubs to make the salaries work and they get Sefolosha and Noah who can give them defense and energy off the bench. With Bynum showing promise and Lamat usually playing at a borderline all star level the Lakers would be able to easily win as many games as last year and the team would be much younger and have much more room for improvement. Plus they finally end all of the Kobe drama that Buss started again. The Lakers could have a team that plays with the energy of the 2003-2004 Heat. Lamar Odom and Bynum will improve a lot with more touches. if you think about it Odom, Gordon and Hinrich is a very good trio and if Bynum continues developng this team could be dangerous. It is time to rebuild for the Lakers and this is how to do it. Giving up the 2 young PG won't hurt because they would be getting a very good young PG who can continue to improve. The Lakers also would have a young team without one star so all of the talented players would get a similar amount of touches.

Why the Bulls do it: Easy..they get kobe without giving up Deng. I know a lot of Bulls fans won't like giving up Hinrich but Duhon is good enough to start if you have Kobe who can also play PG and Javaris and Farmar have potential. Either one of them could develop into a starting point guard. The current team they are building will win 48-52 games every year but they don't seem to have enough to win a title. With Kobe they become championship contenders and keep the player they plan on building around Deng. Bryant is also young enough to play at a high level for years. He has a great work ethic and could be an all star until he is 35-36 years old. The Bulls could also sign C-Webb who will give them a future HOF player without a ring who will probably be hungry and a good role player. C-Webb also gives them a much needed low post player. You could also play C-Webb at the 4 with Big Ben on the floor and at the 5 with Tyrus or Joe Smith on the floor.

PG- Hinrich, Fisher
SG- Gordon, Evans, Sefolosha
SF- Walton, Vlad
PF- Odom, Turiaf, Noah
C- Bynum, Brown

PG- Duhon, Javaris, Farmar
SG- Kobe, Curry
SF- Deng, Nocioni
PF- Thomas, Smith
C- Wallace, Webber, Gray
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