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Default Re: How can a guy like shareef abdur rahim suck all of a sudden?

Originally Posted by lovethetriangle
After practically going 20 10 for his first 8-9 seasons, how can a guy just fall off the radar like that? Is it lack of interest? Was it that bad an injury?
Well, I will address the sacramento situation, because that's what I know about. When he came to sac, he had knee problems, but was still able to start. He got injured, and Kenny Thomas took the starting job. When SAR was healthy, Kenny was b!tching about his playing time and starting job, so SAR stayed a reserve to add some scoring off the bench. The problem was that Miller was injured, and they had no frontline help, so SAR would sometimes play 5 last year. He was still an effective low post threat, but he lost the explosiveness he had before for Van & ATL. Now this season, he had knee surgery and will be out for a few weeks. Basically, his knees are going out on him.
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