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Originally Posted by monthh
I figured I would at least try to get some talk about the upcoming college and pro seasons. Every day I will try to post a new selection so you can debate how bad these pros teams will be and what they actually need to draft, and also how good these college players will be and how high they will go in the draft.

1. Sacramento-Nicolas Batum-SF-France-This team needs the best player in the draft, and Batum is this years Oden/Durant/LeBron. Ron Artest is not the long term answer for them, and Francisco Garcia and Quincy Douby have given you no reason to pass up Batum for the inside guy in Michael Beasley. This team does have some pieces if they do get the #1 pick as Mike Bibby will probably want out of this situation, and Artest may be gone in the near future. Both would bring some value in a trade. If you can add some more young players to go with Hawes, Martin, and Batum, you have a decent future.

Other possible picks: Michael Beasley to replace Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Kenny Thomas and give them that nasty Amare/Howard type of player
O.J. Mayo as Mike Bibby might be gone by the time this draft rolls around
Derrick Rose for the same reason they would give Mayo a look

Recap of my picks so far:
1. Kings-Nicolas Batum
2. 76ers-Derrick Rose
3. Sonics-O.J. Mayo
4. Pacers-Michael Beasley
5. Clippers-DeAndre Jordan
6. Timberwolves-Kosta Koufos
7. Bobcats-Darrell Arthur
8. Trailblazers-Chase Budinger
9. Suns-Serge Ibaka
10. Bucks-Donte Greene
11. Grizzlies-Roy Hibbert
12. Hornets-Brook Lopez

he could be kicked off the stanford team... he has no business in the 1st round... especially if he does get booted. hes already not playing the first 10 games... probably will miss more
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