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Default What to work on for mens league game?

Im joining a men's league of mostly corporate/banking dudes, so I think the competition will be pretty soft.

Heres my bio:

Im 24 and 6'0 in shoes with the same wingspan. I have a good vert and can get my whole hand over the rim. My game resembles a homeless man's Westbrook. Im an acceptable 3pt shooter, good mid-range pullup off the bounce when defenders sag too much, but only a decent finisher since I usually drive in too fast and wild but without WB's length/airbourne agility to finish well. Passing is good when I'm not tunnel visioning to the rim. I probably turn it over too much. Man defense is excellent when focused.

What would be the best skills to work on (short-term) to dominate my league? League starts in about 2 weeks and goes for 10.

Drawing fouls?
Doing layups without getting stripped?

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