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Default Re: The further adventures...

Tuesday 1.26.16 2.5 hour low inpact workout.

I have been slowing it down a little bit as of late. Hitting the courts about twice a week but still maintaining a decent shape. I havent felt like playing in any pickup games because I have been paranoid of getting injured and because I have seen these kids play reckless as hell. For example, I saw this one kid who was much taller and stronger just bullying the other kids in the paint and he had a jumpshot so he was going full-Lebron out there on these kids. Then this 6'2'' african american dude showed up and the kids got all excited that a slick-talking black dude wanted to run with them (he actually sucked) and they proceeded to run full court. I just sat back and laughed as the teens (18-20 year olds I guess) became this dudes bitch who was barking orders and having them go all out. The bigger kid who was going full-Lebron earlier also was going all out, diving for loose balls until finally someone slammed into the side of his knee and he obviously had a problem because he couldn't put any weight on it but he walked it off and eventually played with a huge gait. The kid had potential for some small college ball so I just felt bad that he was wasting it on these little guys. Sorry, brother, looks like that knee might need some surgery now. So after seeing this shit I have been wary of going out there and playing hard with these types. I do feel great though as I have been drilling and putting up tons of shots. I am going to continue working on cardio but it's nothing like playing in a real game. I'm guessing I'll probably get winded if I ran full-court... I don't know.

The last tale for today consists of dudes that play pick-up ball after working as waiters in restaurants. Seeing these dudes play in Italian shoes and black dress pants is hilarious and unfortunately probably damaging to their feet. They asked me to play and I acted like a real cunty snob by just looking at the Italian shoes and shaking my head "no thanks".

The end.

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