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Default Re: Ben Simmons is overrated...Lamar Odom 2

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
I think he's saying that even if Ben Simmons "only" becomes Lamar Odom 2.0, he will still be the best PF in the game since there aren't any good PF's today and 2004 Lamar Odom would be the best PF today (if you consider Cousins a C, which i think he is)

Well that's certainly moronic as PF is the 2nd deepest position in the league. Davis,Blake,Aldridge,Bosh,Love,Randolph,D.Green,Pa u,Ibaka,Favors,Horford,Milsap... That doesn't even get into young guys like Sullinger(top 25 player in the league by RPM), Olynyk, Porzingiz,Okafor,Harris and your POrtis,Lyles type.

and DMC plays PF. Their other top big men are WCS and Koufos, two pure Cs.
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