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Default Re: Who are the 10 best prospects in college right now?

1) Simmons
2) Ingram - If you said Ingram's ceiling is higher, I wouldn't necessarily disagree, because the combo of his length and jumper gives him a huge upside, but physically he's got such a long way to go, and he still needs to improve his handle so much. Simmons may develop that jumper, but even if he doesn't I see his instincts, passing, physicality, and rebounding making him a lock to be a championship caliber piece of a roster.

3) Jamal Murray, who I really didn't care for coming in, but his combo skill set is a nice fit in the league as it's structured today, and he just continues to get things done.

4) Kris Dunn - Dunn a CT kid and I've met him a few times at HS tournaments, and last year was on the train with some of his neighbors on the way home from the Big East, so I'm a touch bias. He goes through bad stretches of turnoveritis, but he pushes the pace better than anyone in the country and is a devastating defender with his length.

5) Jaylen Brown - He's just a physical specimen as a wing player. He's gotta improve his shot too. But wings built like this go in the top ten in every draft.

6) Skal Labissierre - I know everyone hates him now, but he'll look great in workouts because he measures, he moves, and he shoots. He's gotta get stronger obviously, and he's got some instinct issues that may never resolve. But the stretch big is en vogue, and he's got the skillset. He could be Channing Fry, the trick is make sure that's not a disappointement for you.

7) Jakob Poetl - He's sort of a traditional big, but he faces up and shoots enough that teams will look at him as a good fit.

8) Buddy Hield - I worry he's sort of a volume shooter type. But his game is noticeably better than it was last year off the dribble. And the league is constantly on the hunt for shooting.

9) Henry Ellenson - He's been a little overlooked for a pretty bad Marquette team, but I watch more Big East than most people. He's not a great athlete, but he made a reputation with US Youth Basketball, and he's a skilled big guy a little like Poetl, but not quite as big. He's not quite a good enough athlete to have a huge upside, but his game is pretty well rounded for a guy this big and young.

10) I could go a few ways. I like Diamond Stone, but his game is Paleolithic in the modern league unfortunately. PGs are at a premium nowadays, and I'm a little torn between Melo Tremble and Demetrius Jackson. Jackson is a better athlete, but even as a junior, he doesn't have the same PG experience Tremble has. He played with Jerian Grant up to this year, who, weather you want to call him a PG or not, controlled the ball a lot. Tremble is a more traditional PG, he's done the job pretty effectively internationally for Canada. He's a little bigger, seems to have a bit of a better stroke, but the results are inconsistent in that department. Ivan Raab is interesting for his combination of size and athleticism, but he's really raw and needs to much stronger too.
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