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Default Re: Ben Simmons is overrated...Lamar Odom 2

Originally Posted by noob cake
Simmons doesn't have one. I don't even understand how a prospect without a jumper can be considered #1 in 2016 NBA. No jumper, sag off him all day long.
You don't have to be a lights out shooter to be considered a #1 overall pick. Not to mention, a jumper is something you can fix. I mean, Kawhi Leonard was a 25% three point shooter at San Diego State. He's leading the entire league in 3P% as we speak. Blake Griffin came in and was just athletic. Look at him now, raining midrange jumpers for days. Would you pass on him if you had the chance? You wouldn't.

That said, I think Ben Simmons' best NBA comparison is Boris Diaw. Diaw was only a 23% 3P shooter his rookie year in Atlanta. 18% in his sophomore year, 27% in his third season, 33% in his fourth season - the same % Ben Simmons is shooting from down town right now. He - Diaw - is in the 40's now, although he doesn't attempt many.

What makes Diaw and Simmons great is their versatility. They can make plays at 6'10'', not only for themselves, but for their teammates as well, which isn't something you see on the daily.
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