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Default Re: The further adventures...

Monday 2.22.15 3 hour low/medium impact workout.

I've been taking it easy lately. Nothing much to report that is much different than the last few entries. I have been working on my conditioning and playing in a few pick-up games to stay in good shape. My three-point shot has become consistent which shocks me. I have always been intimidated to shoot the three but now I find that I am even more consistent a foot away from the three-point line so I can use the full extension of my arm-length.

I really have been enjoying myself. The weather has been prime and playing a perimeter-style game in street ball keeps me feeling fresh since I really don't put much effort by trying to overpower anyone in the paint anymore.

And since I have been relaxing more I have been checking out the little babies trying to play baseball at the field next to the court and it is freakin adorable. They must be like 6 years old and still trying to find their mechanics and it is not unlike watching an atari baseball game from the 80's with simplistic AI. Any time there's a base hit they will just try to field the ball and lift their hands in the air to signal that they have the ball and they don't even try to make a play at the plate. Hilarious. Probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

It all made me realize this: Professional sports are not the most important thing about the sports world. Seeing these babies develop their personalities, physical mechanics and confidence is as (or more) important than any World Series or NBA Finals.

Then today I saw these 12 year old girls playing a league basketball game and this girl on a fast-break pulled up from the freethrow line, shot it over the backboard and all I could do was smile and clap in support at the awesomeness of it all.

PS> I have been killing everybody on the court. I need more comp. Just too easy.

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