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Default Re: Thoughts on Ben Simmons?

He doesn't seem to have the personality or shooting ability to take over games consistently. As he is he will be good on the break but really, who isn't good on the break? I'm not saying he'll stink but he doesn't look like a superstar out there.

Also: does anyone else wonder if he's been all that good for LSU? We have analysts saying they might not make the tournament. They have gotten more attention but the program has not been elevated at all. Is he making them a lot more money than they otherwise would have? And then we have them giving him whatever little punishment it was for his academic issues. They didn't put him up for the Wooden because of his academics. Would anyone be shocked if a bigger scandal comes out in a year or two? It's like one guy is the embodiment of everything wrong with one and done.

Just to be clear I have nothing against Simmons even though this post may sound to you like I do. I could care less if he's going to class and if he had a jumper I'd be wanting the Celtics to draft him badly. And I still hope the Celtics get him I just don't think he's going to dominate.
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