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Default Re: Could A. Davis be a bust?

Originally Posted by Da KO King
I don't like Davis as #1 overall.

My NBA team-building/draft philosophy is "never draft a one-way prospect with the top pick." I feel like with that pick you HAVE to grab a guy that is NOT a mismatch on the defensive end when facing elite players and can be a part of your offensive philosophy from day one.

I do not have a issue with Davis being ranked as the top prospect. Davis has shown flashes of offensive potential, and will be a factor as a help defender immediately.

Still because of my philosophy and how high the rest of the league is on him I'd trade out of the top slot if I was New Orleans.
I know none of you care but I feel like sharing.....

I now scout on a freelance basis. Will be opening a full scouting service in 2017. This post is what made me change my approach to scouting.

I made this post after having watched a handful of Kentucky games. Most while in bars, some while listening to music. So I never realized that Davis had only been 6'9" for a little over a year.

Despite having basketball contacts in Chicago I never contacted any of them, so I wasn't aware that he was viewed as a probable All-City candidate when he was a 6'3" shooting guard.

I made my evaluation without even attempting to get all the info available on the prospect.

If any of you is interested in becoming a pro scout I will tell you now that it is not solely about the basketball evaluations. You need to go get every single piece of info that is out there.
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