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Default Got Kobe XI's may be exchanging them for Curry 2's

I have been playing in Kobe X's for several months now and they are probably the best shoes I've played in. At 37 I need cushion to keep from feeling like I'm falling apart when I'm finished. I need traction because the floors I play on are old with little to no finish and can be dusty. Up until now Kobe's have done this for me. The 8's were nice and light and stuck to the floor with Crocs like cushioning.

I made the switch to clutchfit drive lows and they were comfortable but the traction seemed to wear out fairly quickly. I then went to Curry 1 lows and it was pretty much the same but the cushioning didn't last as long as the clutchfits.

I read the reviews on the on the Kobe 11's and they said the traction worked on some floors, I should have known it wouldn't work on mine. I've pulled a groin playing in my clutchfit drives because of the worn out treads.


Can anyone compare the Cushioning in the Curry 2 to the Kobes? I've read that it's better than what was used in the Curry 1 but does it last longer?

I'm also considering the KD 8, some reviews say they are great and others are mediocre.

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