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Default Re: Brandon Ingram is going to be a Superstar in the NBA

I still think he's benefitted a lot from moving to the 4. It's one thing when WFs do that in college like Durant or Melo. I don't see how Ingram can play a similar position in the NBA. He's obviously way too skinny now and I don't particularly see the potential in his frame. Kind of narrow shoulders, no? For comparison, look at Giannis back when he was a 19 year old rookie and you can clearly see a frame to put on weight. To me, Ingram is a WG. Maybe I'm wrong here.

Now compare stats when he played the 3 versus the 4. It's a big difference. The question is if that's because he was still getting used to the college game or if it's because of the position. With most things, likely a bit of both.

Quickly did it. Hopefully no mistakes.

As a 3 (9 games): 13.6/4.4 on .453/.342/.638
As a 4 (22 games): 17.9/8.1 on .441/.415/.729

Obviously the points and rebounds go up as he's asked to shoot rebound more. The rebounding is impressive, regardless, because he is thin. Shows good toughness and understated strength there. The shooting is about the same. More attempts = less FG %. That's fair. FT is up, but still 73% isn't exactly noteworthy. The 3 ball is the big one and that's where I wonder how much is it because he has college 4s on him? Now not every programs uses two bigs, but enough times he has a legit big man on him. I've seen it before where playing the 4 as the wing gives you an enormous advantage on the perimeter, leading to misleading stats.

Also should probably point out he's been struggling down the stretch. Last 6 games he's shooting 30% from the field. I do think he's a shooter, though there's something about him being a 69% FT shooter that confuses me a little. Perhaps a season anomaly or maybe he's like JR Smith. 40% from 3 is decent. College guys kind of light up that shorten 3pt line so it's not like shooting 40% in the NBA. But look at the game logs and he's consistent game to game which is the important part.

Kind of talking out loud. I do think he has an allstar ceiling, like a Klay Thompson caliber player (again caliber, not as playing style). Not sure I see franchise player, or too close to it.
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