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Default Re: Message to the young ballers.

Originally Posted by Straight_Ballin
Also listen to your body. Don't do what I do and NOT listen to it. At 30, I was playing at my local rec 5 times a week. I would be there everyday from 5-9. Sometimes I would even go on sat or Sunday mornings when no one was there and just listen to music while shooting 300+ shots. My routine in the evenings was running 3 miles on the treadmill (everyday), and then playing ball until the place closed. Well after about 6 months of this, I started feeling soreness in my feet. The pain would last until the next day, around 1-2pm, and then it would be gone. I'd play again the next day. Rinse and repeat. This went on for months. Here I was thinking that I my ligaments were sore in my feet, and that it was like a sore muscle, just getting stronger.


I developed plantar fasciitis, and a very bad case due to a strength imbalance between my calves and feet. There was so much scar tissue buildup that I had to use electronic shock therapy. It took 2 years to be able to play again, and months of physically therapy.

It's very hard to keep an individual that was playing 4-5 days a week and running 15 miles a week on top of that out of the game. This shit had me sidelined, and it will sideline your ass too if you aren't careful.

There are things that you can do to strengthen your feet, like picking up marbles with your toes and dropping them in jars and squeezing your toes in. Research this shit and do it. Do not neglect this routine. If the bottoms of your feet are hurting, stop playing ASAP and get them checked out.

You were over doing it. Almost like the pounding a professional would take. I usually get on the court 3-4 times a week to work on my game or play pick up games. But I seldom went hard like 3-4 straight days. Your body needs rest.
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